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Know the steps to use ReadySHARE Vault Software

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Know the steps to use ReadySHARE Vault Software

In our last article our Netgear tech support experts have helped you with the steps to setup this software. In this post we will tell you the ways to use it. Read the below article carefully. Know the steps to use ReadySHARE Vault Software

  1.    Install the ReadySHARE Vault software from the initial setup of the router.
  2.   After the installation of ReadySHARE Vault, the program will launch automatically. Since it is a first time use, it will show that Backup is not yet set.

Click on the Backup tab to create a backup.

  1.    It will show that the software has either detected a USB drive or an internal hard drive connected with the WNDR4700. In the Select Files and Folders, you can select the backup source using either “Smart Selection” or manually selecting the backup folder by clicking “Show My Computer”.
  2.    It will open a window where you can select which drive/folder to backup. In this example, we are going to backup a folder named “test” under Documents.
  3.    Netgear tech support professionals recommends clicking on “Back” to go back to the previous page once the desired folder is selected.
  4.    For Security, the backup can also be password protected (Optional). Click on “Save and Start Backup” to continue.
  5.    Once the screen redirected to the Dashboard page, click on “Backup Now” to start the backup.
  6.    Once the backup is complete, we can now test the Restore feature of the ReadySHARE Vault.
  7.    Open the ReadySHARE Vault software and click on the Restore tab at the top and select the backup that was just created then click on “Next”.
  8.  On the Restore Options, you can either select original location or an alternate location when restoring. You can also decide if you want to replace the files or not. Once done, click on the “Restore Now” button.
  9.  After restore process is completed, click on OK.

You will now see that the deleted “Test” folder is now restored in its original location.

For further queries or any issue during to Know the steps to use ReadySHARE Vault Software, please contact Netgear support experts. You can reach them on toll free number at +1 888 808 1303.

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