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Know the steps to add a new PLW1000 to a secured powerline network

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In this article our Netgear tech support professional will guide you on how to add a new PLW1000 to a secured powerline.

PLW1000 helps a user multiply their wireless network because it develops a new Wi-Fi network for their home. In order to do this one just need to plug in their PLW1000 to any power outlet in their home and wait for it to connect to the user’s current powerline network.


But in case if your powerline network is already secured your new PLW1000 will not be able to detect to the current powerline network. While this is the scenario to explain you, below we will tell you the concrete ways to add a new PLW1000 to a secured powerline network.


Adding a new PLW1000 to a secured powerline network

  1. Plug in your PLW1000 to your power outlet. Wait for the LEDs to turn on. If the device is not turning on, check the On/Off switch on the side.
  2. Press the Security button on one of the powerline adapters that is already connected to the powerline network.
  3. Within two minutes, press the Security button on your PLW1000.
  4. Once the Pick-A-Plug LED on your PLW1000 is lit, it means that it’s already connected to your existing powerline network.
  5.    Congratulations, you have successfully added a new PLW1000 to a secured powerline network.


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