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How to Install WHR-G54S Buffalo DSL Smart Router?

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A lot of people are unaware of the setup process of Buffalo routers. In this article our Buffalo router technical support experts will give out the complete setup guide for WHR-G54S Buffalo DSL Smart Routers.


Check below the steps to install this smart router in your house or office space.

Buffalo Router: Installation Guide

Below are the steps recommended by Buffalo router technical support team at Icognix. Follow it correctly.


Step 1: Connect your equipment/device

  • Screw the antenna into the top of your AirStation
  • Ensure that all equipment is powered off
  • Connect the RJ-45 Ethernet cable from your cable or DSL modem to the WAN port on your AirStation
  • Connect one or more PCs or workstations to any of the four LAN ports on the AirStation with RJ-45 Ethernet cables
  • Power on the cable or DSL modem. It usually takes a minute to boot up
  • Connect the AC power connector to the power port
  • Power on the PC(s) connected to the LAN ports of the AirStation and let them boot up completely.


Step 2: Configure Your Router

This can be done from a web browser on a computer connected to the router.


Step 3: Configure Wireless Settings

  • Hold down the AOSS button on the top of your AirStation for a few seconds
  • Push the AOSS button on your client device and finish the connection


Step 4: (without AOSS): Configure Wireless Settings Manually

If your wireless client doesn’t support AOSS, you’ll have to configure it manually


Congratulations! Your router is installed.


In order to get advanced settings and more detailed information, contact Buffalo router technical support professional. They can be reached on toll free number at 1-888-479-2017. If you want, you can also email your queries on Contact now and get your problems resolved!

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