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Google Chromecast Ultra comes with better features

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Google Chromecast Ultra comes with better features

Google’s casting devices makes significant pre-order record- Google Chromecast Ultra

This article is about Google Chromecast Ultra comes with better features. Google has come up with its 3rd generation google cast product where you would enjoy live streaming videos at a speed you never imagined. With the earlier versions of Chromecast being a wireless device, users always complained of buffering issues. But with this latest launch of Chromecast Ultra user will never face such issues as the power chord has an in-built Ethernet cable which makes it a wired connection and would hence give a better performance. The most prominent feature of this new product is it will stream 4k picture which is better than HD quality. It gives a stunning crisp picture quality. Though it is a bit expensive than the earlier versions of Chromecast it is still worth it. The price seems to be $69 which is double the $39 for older versions, but still cheap in comparison with Roku’s 4k streaming device.
We have received around 250,000 pre-order requests so far but the product would only be launched this November. So users would have to wait until this November to get their 4k streaming device at their place. If you have a 4k TV and you’re looking a casting device than Google Chromecast Ultra is the perfect one.
Note: This device supports 4k streaming provided user have the 4k feature in their smart TV’s. Or else the 2nd generation Chromecast would work fine.
This article is about Google Chromecast Ultra comes with better features. For help in terms of setting this device up or for any technical difficulty feel free to reach us at Chromecast support at +1 888 808 1303.

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