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How to get the safest Belkin wireless router setting for your house?

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The biggest and most important question we all come across – the question on our data security. Let’s take a look below to sort this problem.


Using the internet connection on a computer or laptop is simple and can be done easily. But with wireless-enabled devices like Smartphones and tablets it becomes difficult to connect multiple devices to single network. This calls for the need of a router. Out of the many brands available, Belkin is considered as the best choice. Most users prefer this brand.

However, many uses buy a wireless Belkin router and install the same. But, as you know wireless routers generally can operate directly, they are therefore not the secured ones. This is like giving an open invitation to hackers and online fraud.

We understand this, therefore Icognix Belkin technical support professionals have come up with this article. In this post we give you step by step guide on how to get the safest Belkin wireless router setting for your house. Read on the guide by Belkin tech support team.

  • Change the default IP address
  • Set the DHCP server mode to  disable
  • Set the wireless channel
  • Disable the Wireless SSID broadcast
  • Enable the WPS or SES mode
  • Setup the wireless security
  • Put Access restriction and parental control
  • Check and modify (if required) Router placement
  • Configure Guest network
  • Use Third party firmware

Now that you have got the points, go ahead and start working on the same to get a safer access.

While users come across many technical problems with their router, one of the common one – finding out the default IP address of a Belkin router. If you are somebody who is going through the same issue, read this article by Belkin technical support professionals at Icognix.

How to Manually Set up Belkin Router? One can set up the router manually using the web-based step up page of the router. Follow the below steps by Belkin Router Support team.

In case of any router problem, you can contact They have the best professionals to take care of your software technical issues. Contact them on Belkin technical support toll free number 1-888-479-2017 at today!

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