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Fixing wi-fi connection drops on linksys routers

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Wi-Fi is one of the best technology ever developed. It lets us connect multiple devices to a network wirelessly with great speeds. It is also a very secure and reliable form of connection but due to some factors, the Wi-Fi signals degrade which leads to random connection drops. There may be parts of your place where the signals are weak, something maybe interfering with the signals or there maybe obstacles between the device and the router which degrades the W-Fi signals resulting in connections drops. This is really inconvenient and Linksys Router Support suggests you to fix this issue as it can cause serious trouble especially in places like offices or colleges.


This Linksys Tech Support article will guide you on how to fix the wireless connection drops.

Below are the ways which Linksys Router Support recommends to follow to fix your connection drops:


  • Try to reduce the interference with the Wi-Fi signals. Things like Cordless phones, Microwaves and any other wireless device which uses the same spectrum can affect you Wi-Fi signals resulting in connections drops.
  • Try to minimise the obstacles between the router and the device. When the signals pass through an obstacle, the signals degrade depending upon the type of obstacle. This reduce their range to a great extent. Minimizing the obstacle will greatly improve the performance of your wireless network. 2.4GHz band can easily penetrate obstacles when compared to 5GHz band as 2.4GHz band has low frequency.
  • Try to use the wireless channel which is being least used. Use a software like Wi-Fi analyser to see what channels are being used by other Wi-Fi networks and try to avoid those channels to reduce interference.
  • Keep router in an open, high place. Do not place your router very low like on a table or on floor and do not place your router just behind something. Mount the router up high on the wall for better range.
  • Try to place the router in the middle of your place so that the signals are evenly distributed.
  • If none of this works, get a Linksys Range Extender as it repeats the signals from the router greatly increasing the range of your wireless networks.


These points will surely help in reducing the connection drops on your wireless network.

If you have any problems, please contact to Linksys Router Support. Call on 1-888-479-2017 (Toll free) today!


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