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Extending your wireless network by adding second Linksys router as a repeater

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If you have a large space with a lot of walls and other things, just one router may not be enough to cover all of the area. You may get connection drops or slowdowns in some parts because you are not getting sufficient Wi-Fi signals in those parts of your place.


In this case, Linksys Router Support suggests you to add a second Linksys Router into your network and configuring it as a repeater instead of an access point. This second router working as a repeater will boost the Wi-Fi signals in the parts where you are facing connection drops and slow downs.


This Linksys Router Support article will guide you on how to configure a Linksys Router as a repeater.


Let us say that the router you are using as the access point is router A and the router which you are now going to configure as a repeater is router B.


To add the second router to your network and use it as a repeater, follow steps below:

  1. Connect your computer to router A using an Ethernet cable and enter in the address bar.
  2. Enter the username and password to access the configuration page on the router.
  3. Go to Status > Wireless and note down the MAC address of the router.
  4. Now disconnect the computer from router A and connect it to the router B.
  5. Now open a web browser and go to and enter the username and password when prompted to access the configuration page of the router B.
  6. Go to Setup > AP Mode and select the Wireless Repeater radio button.
  7. Enter the router A’s Mac address in this field.
  8. Click on Save button to save you settings.


Your second router is now configured as a repeater. All you have to do now is to place this router at the part of your place where you are facing the drops and slow downs. This will greatly help and will also increase the range of your network to a great extent.


If you are facing any issues or have any questions, please contact to Linksys Router Support on their Linksys router support toll free number at 1-888-479-2017

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