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Everything you want to know about TP-Link Router Speed

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TP-Link routers are said to be one of the best routers in the sphere. It is known for its great speed and performance. A lot of users prefer TP-Link over other brands or providers due to its attractively priced routers, efficiency and TP-Link router support service. In this article we have listed down the topics and discussions related to TP-Link router speed.


What is the difference between 150mbps and 300mbps TP-Link router?

In simple and plain words it means the maximum wireless links speed a router can offer to its users. It does not means the internet speed, but the internal WLAN connection speed between the computer (PC) and the router.  


How to determine the actual speed of TP-Link router?

To know the actual speed of the router you can try one of the many available online testing tools. Out of the several choices, there is one tool which is famous among most users –  While recognized globally, the results from this tool is flash based and not so exact. For relatively accurate test result, you can choose HTML5 speed test like – One can also contact TP-Link router support professionals to know the actual speed.


We get only 1.2 downloading speed despite of 300 mbps speed listed on the TP-Link router. Why?

As mentioned in the first answer, 300mbps refers to the WLAN internal link speed between the router and the PC. This is different from the actual internet speed. The speed of your internet depends on your ISP.


Why do we get 1 Mbytes/download speed while our ISP provide 8M network?

Typically, BM means 8Mbps or megabits per second while MBps means Megabytes per second. There are 8 bits per Byte. It is very crucial to clarify whether it is Mb or MB since both of them differs by a factor of 8.


The link speed of PC shows shows 54Mbps when the router says it is 300 Mbps capable

Various wireless clients negotiate different link speed with the wireless router, depending on the wireless modes, distance and noise level. In order to get IEEE 802.11n speed, both the wireless router and wireless client have to support 11n mode. If any of the wireless router or the wireless client can support only 11a or 11g, the link rate would be a maximum of 54 Mbps.


We tried to answer every query related to TP Link router speed. Still, if you have more, kindly contact TP Link router support experts on toll free number at 1-888-479-2017 for assistance. The professionals are available 24×7 for help and support. They can be contacted via web chat, email or by calling on toll free support number directly. Experts are trained and experienced to handle all user queries with ease and at the earliest. However, you need to choose the mode of communication depending on the nature and priority/urgency level of your issue. If you are facing any problem with your TP link router or have any technical questions, wait no more. Dial 1-888-479-2017 immediately.

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