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How to download the Linksys Firmware?

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How to download the Linksys Firmware - Linksys SupportIn this article Linksys Router support experts at Icognix explains you the steps to how to download the Linksys Firmware. Read the below article carefully. In order to fix the issues that a user experiences while using the Linksys router, he/she should keep the driver or firmware of the router up-to-date. The below Linksys support article provides instructions on steps to download the latest driver or firmware for your Linksys device.

Downloading the Firmware:

  • Step 1:

Go to the Linksys Support Site and enter the model number of your Linksys device in the Search by Product Name or Model Number field.

Note:  In this example, we will be looking for the WRT1200AC downloads.

  • Step 2:

Click on the DOWNLOADS button.

Note: You can also scroll down the product page and click the Download Software link.

  • Step 3:

Select the hardware version of your device.

Note:  Once you have chosen the hardware version of your Linksys device, all the available downloads for that particular model will be displayed.  

  • Step 4:

Click the Download link.

Note:  In this example, we will be downloading the firmware of the device.

  • Step 5:

On the End User License Agreement pop-up window, click the AGREE button once you have read the agreement.

  • Step 6:

Click Save when the File Download dialog box appears.

  • Step 7:

Choose a location for the file like the Desktop and click Save.

Note:  It is highly recommended to save all of your downloaded items in the Desktop to help you easily locate the file whenever you need it.  You may also rename the file for easier identification.

A progress bar will appear, showing the status of your download.  When the download is complete, click Close.

Once the download is complete, you may proceed with the driver or firmware update of your Linksys device.

If you come across any problem while following this step or even after following the above process or if the issue remains unsolved, call on Linksys Technical support professionals on toll free number at +1 888 808 1303

Read this article, who want to upgrade Linksys router firmware using web based setup.  Upgrading Linksys Router’s Firware using web based setup page or else call our Linksys Router setup team.

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