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Different Scenarios for connecting a New Netgear Router behind an Existing Router

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A lot of people wonder why someone needs additional router behind the already existing router. They ask this query to Netgear tech support professionals. Here are the reasons.
Before we understand the steps, let us first understand the reason behind putting a new Netgear router behind an existing one. Why would one do it? Here are the reason(s).


There are numerous possible circumstances in which a user might have to use a new router behind another router. Following the scenarios for your reference.


  1. If you are staying in a rented house and use the internet connection provided by the landlord just remember there may be several other of his tenants who may be using the same connection. By adding your router behind the existing router will help you create your own private network so that you have browse or use the connection securely.
  2. Another reason could be from employer’s perspective. You are sharing an office building Internet connection, and you want to control Internet access or the content viewed by your employees. In this case, having additional router connected on the back of the existing router may help.
  3. The third situation could be related to your home environment. You already have an existing network and you want to extend the network’s range or add wireless capabilities to your network. According to Netgear tech support team this could be one of the situations where you may need extra router.
  4. The last state could be that you want to separate older, less secure network devices from the rest of the network. This method may prove helpful.


While this article lists down just four situations, there can be several others too. In fact it differs from person to person and location to location. Now that you know the reason for using an additional router device to be connected behind your existing router, you can began with the connecting process. Don’t know how to do it? You’ll get the assistance.


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