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What do the different lights on Orbi router represent?

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What do the different lights on Orbi router represent - Netgear Technical Support

Orbi is the latest innovation from Netgear which provides seamless connectivity to the online world. This comes with a two-in-one router, one of which acts as a signal extender bringing you uninterrupted wireless connectivity to any part of the establishment. With the easy to install set-up and complete Wi-Fi coverage anywhere, Orbi is the best option when uninterrupted wireless connection is your need. This article explains what do the different lights on Orbi router represent.

Orbi is available for users in three different models, these include;

  • Orbi Wi-Fi System (RBK50) AC3000

This provides a huge coverage of 5,000 square feet

  • Orbi Wi-Fi System (RBK40) AC2200

The Orbi AC2200 provides a coverage up to 4,000 square feet

  • Orbi Wi-Fi System (RBK30) (AC2200)

The new Orbi AC2200 provides a wide coverage up to 3,500 square feet

Apart from the vast array of products, Netgear also has a highly trained customer care unit called Netgear Router Support. The experts at the support centre ensure that any issue affecting a Netgear product is immediately dealt with.

My Orbi Wi-Fi router flashes different lights at different times. But I am not able to understand what they all mean. Can Netgear support help me with this issue?

Orbi Wi-Fi router comes with multi-functional lights which light up at different times for different purposes. This may confuse a user who is using Orbi for the first time; however there is no need to worry as the experts at Netgear router tech support will guide you in this.

Given below are the different lights and what they represent.

Router and satellite lights

    • Solid Green – The Orbi router and satellite are powered on
    • Solid Amber – Orbi Router and satellite are rebooting
  • Pulsing Red – Orbi system may need attention from a Netgear router technical support
  • Pulsing Amber – There is a need to reset the Orbi router and satellite to default factory settings

Router Ring LED’s

  • Solid White – Orbi Router is powering up
  • Pulsing White – Orbi Router is in factory default mode
  • Pulsing Magenta – This might occur due to the following reasons; WAN port link is down, router is unable to find an IP address from the modem or ISP or the router is unable to connect to the internet

Still want to know more about what do the different lights on Orbi router represent? Write to our Netgear tech support experts at Netgear technical support number +1 888 808 1303

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