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What is the default IP address of Belkin Router?

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What is the default IP address of Belkin Router - Belkin Router SupportBelkin router is considered as one of the top and best performing routers in the market. In case if a user comes across any issue with the router, they can easily get in touch with the Belkin Router Support experts. There are numerous third party support experts that offer service in a relatively low cost. Icognix is one of those providers. While users come across many technical problems with their router, one of the common one – finding out the default IP address of a Belkin router. If you are somebody who is going through the same issue, read this article – What is the default IP address of Belkin Router by Belkin Support professionals at Icognix.

Steps to find the Default IP Address

In order to connect to its console, the admin must know the default IP Address of Belkin router. The default IP address of Belkin routers is This address is commonly referred as the default gateway address. This is because the client devices depend on the router as their entry to the Internet, and computer operating systems sometimes use this term on their network configuration menus.

Users can change the router’s default address or can also reset. It is easy and not a time consuming task. A non-technical person user finding difficulty in doing this can take help from Belkin Router Support team at The experts are available 24×7 on call, web chat and email to provide quick assistance. They also provide onsite and online router support service.

In case if you come across any technical problem regarding What is the default IP address of Belkin Router, contact on Belkin Technical Support toll free number at +1 888 808 1303. Call now for more information or quick assistance.

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