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Configuring UPNP on your Belkin Routers

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Configuring UPNP on your Belkin Routers-Icognix

UPnP stands for Universal Plug and Play is a set of protocols which allows devices inside a network to discover each other for various things like audio players, printers and many other things. Configuring UPNP on your Belkin Routers is a great way for residential use and is also a great feature for multimedia consumption. Using this feature will make your life a lot easier as you will be able to instantly find and connect to different devices as you so desire. You can instantly play audio files to your UPnP supported devices in your network, you can also stream videos or movies to your Smart Tv easily.

Belkin Support highly recommends you to use this feature.

This Belkin Router Support article will guide you on how to configure this feature.

Follow steps below For Configuring UPNP on your Belkin Routers:

  1.      Open a web browser from a computer which is connected to the router.
  2.      Go to http://router or enter the IP address of the router. Default IP address of the router is
  3.      Enter the username and password when prompted.
  4.      Go to Advanced Settings list on the left side panel and click on System Settings.

On the bottom of the page, you will find the UPnP Enabling section.

  1.      Click on the radio button On to enable this feature.
  2.      To save your settings, click on Save button.

If you are using Classic web-based setup page instead of new web-based setup page then under Utilities panel of the left side, go to System Settings. There you will find the UPNP

Enabling section. You can enable the UPNP from there.

UPnP feature is now configured on your Belkin Router and should now work. If you have any questions or are facing any issues, please contact to Belkin Tech Support. Call on Belkin Technical Support toll-free number at +1 888 808 1303.


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