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Configuring guest network on Linksys Routers using Linksys Connect

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Configuring guest network on linksys routers using linksys connect - Linksys Router SupportConfiguring guest network on Linksys routers using Linksys connect is a feature present in Linksys Routers which allows user to create a virtual network in conjunction to the main network through which the users can connect to the router. A guest network is basically a network with limited access. Anyone which is connected to the guest network can only use it to access the internet. All other things like access to other connected devices, transfer of your data like to/from your NAS is not allowed in the guest network.

Linksys Router Support suggests you to use this feature as this will be a very handy feature for you if you have frequent visitors at your place. You can let the visitors use this guest network instead of your main network which adds up to the security.

This Linksys Support article will guide you on how to set up guest network on Linksys Routers.

To set up guest network, follow steps below:

  1. Go to Linksys Connect and select Guest Network.
  2. Under its setting window, click on yes button to enable it.
  3. The name of the guest network is your main network’s name followed by the guest suffix.
  4. To change the password of your guest network, click on the change button. Linksys Router Support suggests you to use a very different password from your main network for guest network. The password must be 4-32 alphanumeric characters.
  5. You can also choose how many guests you want to connect to your guest network at a given time. From the drop down menu, select the maximum number of guests which you want to connect to the guest network at a given time. The maximum number of guests allowed from the Linksys Connect Software is 10. If you want to allow more than that then configure it from the web-based setup page of your router as it allows up to 50 guests.
  6. Click on Finish button to save your settings.

The guest mode is now configured on your Linksys Router and should now work accordingly.

If you are facing any problems or have questions regarding configuring guest network on Linksys routers using Linksys connect, please contact to Linksys Technical Support. Call on toll free number  +1 888 808 1303 for help.

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