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How to configure your Netgear Router for Satellite Connection?

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How to configure your Netgear Router for Satellite Connection - Netgear Contact NumberIn this article Netgear support professionals share the steps on how to configure your Netgear router for satellite connection. Read the below steps carefully.

Please note, the IP address of your router and the modem are the same.

  1.    Disconnect the modem from the router
  2.    Connect the computer to a router LAN port, as shown
  3.    Turn on the router
  4.    Open a browser and type
  5.    Type admin for Username and password for password
  6.    Click OK
  7.    Click Advanced > LAN IP Setup
  8.    Change IP Address to
  9.    Change Starting IP Address to
  10.  Change Ending IP Address to (Do not use the value shown in the screenshot).
  11.  Click Apply. An error “Page cannot be displayed” or “Action Cancelled” message appears
  12.  Close your Internet browser
  13.  Power the router OFF
  14.  Connect the modem to the router Internet port
  15.  Turn the router ON
  16.  Restart your computer
  17.  Open a browser and type
  18.  Type admin for admin, and password for password (unless you changed the password from the default). Older routers have a default password of 1234.
  19.  Click OK
  20.  Click the Setup Wizard under the left of the router settings page
  21.  Check Yes, then Next
  22.  Click Next in the Dynamic IP Detected screen
  23.  Click Apply
  24.  Click Logout on the router settings screen

Even after follow the above steps if you are unable to configure Netgear router for satellite connection, please get in touch with Netgear tech support experts on Netgear support Number toll free number at +1 888 808 1303

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