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How to configure a Linksys Router?

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The question might sound common, and to a few even silly. But interestingly, this is one of the most asked questions on our support network. A lot of non-technical people find it difficult to configure their router on their own. In such case they either take help from friends or look for technical support team.


If you are a Linksys router user and don’t know how to configure the router, don’t worry! We are here to help you.

Steps to configure a Linksys router

Most non-techie people spend a lot of money on hiring Linksys tech support experts. Understanding this we have come up with this article that may save your money.  The below steps by Linksys tech support team at will help you configure the router easily.


  • Look for the IP address of the router. Most default IP addresses are,, or
  • Open a web browser on the PC that is connected to the router
  • Insert the correct username and password
  • Open the wireless settings. The wireless section will allow you to set up your wireless network
  • Enter a unique name for your wireless network
  • Select a security method. For the best security, choose WPA2-PSK as the encryption method
  • Create a passphrase for the network
  • Save your settings carefully
  • Change your router’s username and password from the default. Change it to something that you’ll remember carefully
  • Block websites/specific domains

In case of any issues or queries, contact Linksys tech support experts on toll free number 1-888-479-2017

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