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Changing WI-FI password and/or SSID (network name) on Netgear routers

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Netgear Technical Support recommends you to use a SSID which does not reveal the user identity as it can help others guessing the password. A unique password should also be used unlike your name, contact number or residence number which can be guessed fairly easily and anyone then can connect to your network using it to full potential.


Even though you have setup a unique password, it is possible that someone has guessed it and maybe using your network or you need to change your SSID for some reason.


Changing the SSID and/or password is a short and easy process. This Netgear Technical Support article will guide you on how to change the Wi-Fi password and/or SSID of your Netgear router.

Netgear Technical Support suggests you to use Ethernet cable instead of Wi-Fi for reliable connection while changing the Wi-Fi password and/or SSID.


To change the SSID and/or Wi-Fi password, follow steps below:

  1.       Connect the router with the computer via Ethernet cable.
  2.       Open and internet browser and go to or or enter the IP address of your router. Default IP address can be found on the label on the router.
  3.       Enter the username and password when prompted. Default username and password can be found on the label on the router.
  4.       Go to Basic > Wireless.
  5.       Enter your new password in the Password field and Enter your new SSID in the Network Name/SSID field. Password is case sensitive. Try to use the combination of numbers, letters and symbols to make it harder to guess.
  6.       Click on the Apply button to save settings.


All of the devices connected to your router wirelessly should get disconnected. Enter the new password to reconnect them to the network.


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