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Changing SSID and network password on Linksys routers

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Network Name (SSID) and Password are the basic things that need to be setup for a wireless network. Linksys Router Support recommends to setup a password on your wireless network to make it secure. Since these are very basic settings, they may need to be changed sometimes, especially the password which may need to be changed after a period of time which is a good practice to keep your network safe.


This Linksys Router Support article will guide you on how to change the SSID and password for your wireless network.

Follow steps below to change the SSID of the network:

  1.       Open a web browser from the computer which is connected to the router and enter the IP address of the router.
  2.       Enter the username and password when prompted. Leave the username field blank for default username and enter admin as default password.
  3.       Go to Wireless > Basic Wireless Settings.
  4.       Select the Manual radio button.
  5.       In the Network Name(SSID) field, enter the SSID you want.
  6.       Click on Save Settings button to save your settings.

To change the password of your wireless network, follow steps below:

  1.       Go to Wireless > Wireless Security.
  2.       From the drop down menu select the security type which you want to use. Linksys Router Support suggests you to use WPA2 security mode for maximum security.
  3.       Enter your new password in the Passphrase field.
  4.       Click on Save Settings button to save your settings.


Do note that after changing the password, the devices connected to the wireless network will be disconnected and need to enter the new password to connect to the wireless network again.

If you are facing any issues or have any questions, please contact to Linksys Router Support @ 1-888-479-2017

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