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Using TP-link router with DSL modem

Most users use a modem to connect to the internet and then they use a router with their modem to distribute the internet to the various other devices. This is a very typical setup. Most ISPs use same configuration to distribute the internet.   However, this configuration cannot be used if the internet is limited…
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Using Mac address filtering on TP-link routers

MAC address filtering is a feature present on the TP-Link routers which let you define a set of devices which can be allowed or denied to connect to your network based on their MAC address. You can either allow devices or just deny access to your network to devices using their MAC address.   Since…
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Upgrading firmware of TP-link routers

Upgrading the firmware of your router is very important as it eliminates the possible bugs or broken things in the software of your router. This can greatly improve performance of your router and makes it more reliable. It should be checked every month if a firmware upgrade is available. This TP-Link Technical Support will guide…
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Using usb port on tp-link routers to share usb storage devices using blue UI

USB port can be used to connect the USB storage devices like pen drives or external hard disk drives to share the drive over the network. The drive can then be accessed by the devices which are connected to the network. It is a very handy feature. It saves the trouble of plugging the drives…
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Ways to get most of your Tp-link wireless router

Configuring the router is very important as a bad configured router can cause slow-downs to your network, complete network failures, device disconnections or can even let someone hack into your network. This is what most users don’t do correctly and often end up in a bad network with lot of problems. TP-LINK Technical Support suggests…
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