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What do the different lights on Orbi router represent?

Orbi is the latest innovation from Netgear which provides seamless connectivity to the online world. Ā This comes with a two-in-one router, one of which acts as a signal extender bringing you uninterrupted wireless connectivity to any part of the establishment. With the easy to install set-up and complete Wi-Fi coverage anywhere, Orbi is the best…
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How to setup Orbi router and satellite

Netgear, the number one choice for anyone looking for network connection devices that offer not only seamless connection to the web world but also high-quality performance. The company has been providing state-of-the-art technology to both individuals and businesses. The wide variety of wireless and wired network devices by Netgear provide the users with a number…
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Netgear Devices compatible with Apple

Netgear has been credited with providing some of the best network devices to consumers worldwide. The company carries a trustable name when it comes to providing state-of-the-art technology for network connection devices. Apart from providing products loaded with latest technology, Netgear also offers the best after-sales service as Netgear tech support. As Netgear devices generally…
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Netgear account password set using Orbi App

Orbi, the new product manufactured by Netgear provides seamless wireless connectivity to individuals and business owners. The device is easy to install and configure and provides uninterrupted access to allow users to share documents or search the web world for content of their choice. Netgear has given users with one of the best products that…
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Different Scenarios for connecting a New Netgear Router behind an Existing Router

A lot of people wonder why someone needs additional router behind the already existing router. They ask this query to NetgearĀ tech support professionals. Here are the reasons. Before we understand the steps, let us first understand the reason behind putting a new Netgear router behind an existing one. Why would one do it? Here are…
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