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Netgear Router Support – How to handle online attacks

Netgear, the most trusted brand name when it comes to providing stat-of-the-art technology through efficient internet routers. The company has also been credited with offering one of the best customer care service including Netgear router support. However, Netgear routers recently became the victims of a cyber-attack “WannaCry Ransomware” by hackers. This was done by allowing…
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Know the steps to enable my Netgear router to work with Amazon Alexa

As a user if you are reading this article, means you are in search of steps to enable the router to work with Amazon Alexa. So let’s understand the procedure laid below by Netgear tech Support Company.   Before you enable your Netgear router with Alexa, it is important that you download the Netgear genie…
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How calling on Netgear Support Number can help users resolve their router issues?

In a technologically advanced space, router is more than anything. A router shares the Internet signal between the multiple devices. In short, if you are using a router in your house, people using internet on their phone, computer and laptop can get the signal only through routers. Out of all the router brands, Netgear is…
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Know the steps to add a new PLW1000 to a secured powerline network

In this article our Netgear tech support professional will guide you on how to add a new PLW1000 to a secured powerline. PLW1000 helps a user multiply their wireless network because it develops a new Wi-Fi network for their home. In order to do this one just need to plug in their PLW1000 to any…
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All about Web GUI Password Recovery and Exposure Security Vulnerability

Security is the biggest concern in today’s technologically advanced time. We are aware of the security problems that can expose Web GUI login passwords while the recovery feature is disabled. The risk increases when the intruder/attacker can access the internal network or when the remote management is enabled on the router. If you are somebody…
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