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Backup and restore settings of Netgear router

  There may be times when you may restore your router to factory default settings to troubleshoot some issue and after restoring your router, all your settings have to be changed again according to your network to use the router again which can be a time taking thing to do. Why waste time when you…
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Setting up bridge mode on Netgear Nighthawk router

One thing Netgear Technical Support really suggests is to set up your nighthawk router in bridge mode. With bridge mode you have many advantages that one must use to take full advantage of their speedy router as bridge mode allows multiple devices to connect to the router wirelessly which can make use of all that…
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Risks Involved in Choosing an Uncertified Netgear Technical Support Company

If you own a router you are bound to face technical problems. While some of these can be resolved on individual level, most requires expert assistance. In that case hiring a Netgear Technical Support provider is essential. But most users get trapped in the vicious game of those local technicians, who charge more and offer…
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