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MAC address filter is a feature present in Linksys Routers which is used to allow or deny the set of devices to connect to the network. This is an additional security feature and can be used to allow or prevent other devices to connect to your network.   Every device has its own unique MAC…
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Configure QOS On Linksys Routers

Quality of Service (QoS) is a feature present in Linksys Routers which is used to prioritize devices, applications or services so that you can use up all the bandwidth available to you in a more efficient way.   For example, if you like to play games but you also want to download something in the…
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Backup and restore configuration settings on Linksys router

Backup and Restore feature is present in Linksys routers which let user backup the current configuration of the router and restore the configuration from the backup file previously made whenever they want. It is a handy feature in situations where you need to reset your router to factory settings. Reconfiguring the router again is a…
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Extending your wireless network by adding second Linksys router as a repeater

If you have a large space with a lot of walls and other things, just one router may not be enough to cover all of the area. You may get connection drops or slowdowns in some parts because you are not getting sufficient Wi-Fi signals in those parts of your place.   In this case,…
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