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Sharing a folder using a windows based computer from Linksys router

Folder sharing is basically a computer resource made available from one host to other hosts on a computer network. It is a piece of information on a computer that can be remotely accessed from another computer via a local area network or an enterprise intranet. It helps people working for same project to share and…
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How to setup static routing between a router and another network?

Before we start with the process, let us first understand what does static routing means. Static Routing is an unconventional feature on Linksys routers that allows a user to take complete control/access of the routing capability of the router. In this article Linksys router support experts explain you the steps to setup static routing between…
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Parental control on Linksys Routers

Internet is the source to all the information about everything. Anyone can find anything on it easily which also makes it addictive. If you have kids who like to spend their time on internet and you want to limit their internet usage, Linksys Tech Support suggests you to use Parental Control feature.   This Linksys…
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DHCP reservation on Linksys smart router

DHCP stands for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol and is responsible to assign the IP address to the devices which are connected to the router so that the devices can be distinguished easily. The IP address which is given to a device changes every time whenever that device reconnects to the network. However, you can assign…
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Remote management on Linksys router

Linksys routers can be managed remotely by using the remote management feature present in the Linksys routers. You can access your Linksys Routers from anywhere in the world if you and your Linksys Router are connected to the internet. This will give you great control over your network remotely.   You can use this feature…
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