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How to update Belkin Router’s Firmware?

You are here which means you want to know the steps to update Belkin router firmware. In order to do that you, first need to download and save the updated firmware file from the official website to your PC. In case you come across any issue while downloading, immediately contact Belkin technical support team at…
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Tips to share a printer through your Belkin Router

Most of the times users have one question in their mind – how to share a printer through a Belkin router. In this article Belkin technical support presents the complete guide to undertake this activity.   Users can share a printer across their network wirelessly by connecting their USB printer to the USB port located…
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How to get the safest Belkin wireless router setting for your house?

The biggest and most important question we all come across – the question on our data security. Let’s take a look below to sort this problem.   Introduction: Using the internet connection on a computer or laptop is simple and can be done easily. But with wireless-enabled devices like Smartphones and tablets it becomes difficult…
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What is the default IP address of Belkin Router?

Belkin router is considered as one of the top and best performing routers in the market. In case if a user comes across any issue with the router, they can easily get in touch with the Belkin router technical support experts. There are numerous third party support experts that offer service in a relatively low…
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How to update Belkin Router’s Administrator Password?

Forgetting password is the common problem with nearly every router user. So if you are using Belkin router and finding it difficult to update to Belkin router administrator password, read this article by Belkin Technical Support experts carefully.   Follow the below instructions by Belkin Router Support experts to know the steps to update Belkin…
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