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Connecting or Cascading Multiple Belkin Routers

Cascading two routers means to connect them to each other. This will help you to improve the performance of your network, expand your wireless network range and to connect more devices to your network.   Belkin Tech Support recommends you to do this if you have multiple router for better network performance. This Belkin Tech…
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Cloning Computer’s MAC address to your Belkin Router

MAC address stands for Media Access Control address. It is a unique identifier which is assigned to each and every device during their manufacturing so that they can be identified when on a network. This is a unique number and generally once assigned, cannot be changed. Some ISPs use MAC address to identify devices and…
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Configuring Parental Control Feature on your Belkin router from Dashboard

If you want to limit the internet access for devices on your network or if you want to block the access to certain websites for devices on your network, Parental Control Feature is what you need to configure on your Belkin router. This feature will let you limit the access of the internet or block…
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UPnP stands for Universal Plug and Play is a set of protocols which allows devices inside a network to discover each other for various things like audio players, printers and many other things.   UPnP is a great way for residential use and is also a great feature for multimedia consumption. Using this feature will…
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Checking the wireless network password of your Belkin router

A unique wireless network password has been provided to you by the Belkin services so that your wireless and network settings get secured. It is also known as Passphrase. A wireless network is used to connect your device to the router’s wireless network. The wireless network password is different from the administrator password. The Wireless…
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