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Blocking services and sites on Netgear Nighthawk routers

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Blocking services and sites on Netgear Nighthawk routers - Netgear Router SupportBlocking sites on Nighthawk Routers

Blocking the services and sites can be a very helpful feature when you want other people not to access some sites or services. Netgear Support suggests you to use this feature as it will help you in controlling the users on your network. For example, if you don’t want your kids to access the internet from their devices after 10:00 PM or if you just want to block some sites that you don’t want them to visit or use, you can do that with the help of this feature. You can also use this feature to block the sites which use a lot of data like YouTube for the people who visit your place so that it will be easy on your data plan if it’s limited. This Netgear Nighthawk Technical Support article guide you how to Blocking services and sites on Netgear Nighthawk routers.

To Block internet sites:

Follow the below steps by Nighthawk Technical Support to block internet sites.

  1. Open a web browser of your choice from a computer which is connected to the router.
  2. Enter the router’s IP address to access the configuration page.
  3. Enter the username and password when prompted.
  4. Go to ADVANCED > Security > Block Sites.
  5. Under Keyword Blocking, select one of the three options. Never will disable the feature. Per Schedule will allow you to schedule when to block the site and when to unblock it. Always will always block the site no matter the time.
  6. In the Keyword field, enter the keyword of the websites you want to block. Click on Add Keyword to add keyword to the keyword list.
  7. Click Apply.


Your router will now block the websites as per your settings.


To Block the services:

  1. Log in to your router.
  2. Go to ADVANCED > Security > Block Services.
  3. Select any of the Service Blocking option just like you did in the Block Internet Sites section.
  4. Click Add under the Service Table. A setup screen will appear.
  5. Specify the Service type, protocol and the range of ports the service uses.
  6. Enter the IP address of the devices you want to block under Filter Services For section. You can also block the range of the IP addresses in this section.
  7. Click Add to save the settings.


Your router will now block the services as per your settings.


If you have any issues about Blocking services and sites on Netgear Nighthawk routers, please contact Netgear Technical Support. You may also call on Netgear Technical Support number at +1 888 808 1303.

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