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Is antivirus software really required for Android phones?

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Our Norton Tech Support experts often come across this question whether antivirus apps are required for Android phones. Hence, we have come up with this post.


Before we jump straight to the answer, let’s understand how malware affects Android devices and how these serious infections enter your device.


Let’s first know from Norton tech support team what malware does to the Android devices.

  • They send texts to premium contacts that may take your telephone bills to the top
  • With the entrance of malware, you’ll be able to see a lot of ads when you open an application. This may not be necessarily hazardous, but could be annoying and irritating for the app users
  • It gives birth to spyware that collects user’s personal and confidential data like credit card details and banking/account passwords etc.


All of these viruses and infections comes to our device may be because of installing APK files from third party sources. For users who have less or technical knowledge, they must have antivirus application installed in their android device to avoid getting infecting.


Do I really need antivirus software for my Android device?

If you download apps from trusted Google Play store, your device won’t ever get infected. Honestly, the answer for this question solely depends on your usage. In short, there is no direct answer to this question; it differs from case to case.


In case if you plan to take Norton antivirus for your Android device and if you come across any issue, you can contact Norton tech support professionals at They have a special team that handles mobile device issues and different team that takes care of Norton antivirus issue on desktop.


You can call on their Norton tech support experts on their toll free number at 1-888-479-2017. Call today to get your issues resolved almost instantly.


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