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Advantages and disadvantages of Netgear Router

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Advantages and disadvantages of Netgear Router-Icognix

NETGEAR  is an innovative network product designed with the mission to connect people, power business, and advance the way we live. It was first to introduce the world’s fastest wireless router. NETGEAR is the best Wi-Fi for every need. Here are the Advantages and disadvantages of Netgear Router

Now a day, NETGEAR has made its permanent place almost in every house as it is designed to catch Wi-Fi signals strongly. NETGEAR is an American global networking technical support company that delivers products to consumers, business and service providers. The company may be retail, commercial and service provider.

NETGEAR  is an excellent substitute to purchase a cable modem and a high-speed Wireless Router separately.  It is highly recommended if the user is paying a rent for ISP (provided Cable modem). One time investment and it will help the user to save money in future as after purchasing the user can avoid paying rent in future.

This program encourages and rewards contributions by developers and it provides security to the researchers and the users who work online.

Wi-Fi speed and range of NETGEAR technical support

High transmit power and sensitive antennas fine-tuned for each frequency band which provides superior range than other routers present in the market.

WAN to LAN Speed

Both TCP and UDP show the performance in both downlink and uplink directions with the speed of 400-550 Mbps range with the firewall enabled. NETGEAR is designed so that it can deliver almost twice the Wi-Fi performance while operating in simultaneous dual band compared to when operating in only single band mode.

Language selection while installing NETGEAR technical support

During installation, the user can select their own languages, which are present in drop down menu. It has 20 languages which add facility to the users. Check the Advantages and disadvantages of Netgear Router.

Advantages of NETGEAR Router

  • Low cost
  • Inexpensive Router
  • This is the cheapest solution so that each and every user can easily afford it.
  • Good security solution for occasional users.
  • Its high speed can support both on the modem and the router.
  • Supports DLNA to find and play media in connected devices across the network.
  • Eliminates monthly cable modem rental fees
  • Provides parental control to limit what sites, etc your child can visit.

Disadvantages of NETGEAR Router

  • There must be a cable between the main router, and Access point.
  • NETGEAR routers are designed only for small, moderately loaded networks.
  • No off-the-shelf support for open source firmware.
  • This device only works with cable internet.
  • It is not for DSL broadband connections.
  • 1 year hardware warranty, but only 90-day free phone support.
  • It is not recommended for intensive use such as video streaming.
  • Reboot is very slow

At Icognix Netgear Technical Support our main focus is to establish connection on all things with the aim of providing online experience to the users, so sit back and just relax. Netgear Tech Support regularly releases new firmware versions to improve product performance, and add new features. It offers the best range of options to meet every type of home networking need as it is the latest evolution of a legacy of advanced wireless routers and modem routers. We are available for 24*7 hours at your service. Call us at +1888 501 1182 for Netgear Router Support.

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