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How to Add, Edit and Delete ReadyNAS OS 6.8: HTTP/S Proxy

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This article by Netgear technical support describes about the ReadyNAS OS 6.8 HTTP/s proxy. ReadyNAS OS 6.8 now supports HTTP/s proxy. Proxy allows ReadyNAS in networks restricted by an HTTP or HTTPS proxy to access the internet for functions such as firmware updates, antivirus updates, App downloads, and more.

Enabling an incorrect proxy server will prevent your ReadyNAS from communicating to the internet properly. In the following article Netgear technical support explains the steps to add, edit and delete a proxy.

Add a Proxy

  1. From the Admin Page, click Network > Advanced.
  2. Under Proxy, click the Plus button. A dialog window appears.
  3. Under Type, select your Proxy type (HTTP or HTTPS).
  4. In the Address text box, enter the proxy server’s IP address.
  5. In the Port text box, enter the proxy server’s port number.
  6. If your HTTP or HTTPS proxy server requires authentication, enter the User Name and Password in the applicable fields.
  7. Optionally, click Test Connection to confirm if the proxy is configured correctly.
  8. After configuration, click Add.

Edit a Proxy

  1. From the Admin Page, click Network > Advanced.
  2. Click the Proxy that you want to edit, then click the Settings gear.
  3. Modify the settings, then click Apply to save your settings.

Delete a Proxy

  1. From the Admin Page, click Network > Advanced.
  2. Click the Proxy that you want to delete, then click the Minus button.
  3. A dialog will appear asking for your confirmation. Click Yes to confirm or No to cancel.

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If you are experiencing any issue with the ReadyNAS OS 6 like Unrecognized server error in Chrome 60, follow the below steps.


Users running Google Chrome version 60 or newer may experience an “Unrecognized server error” when updating the firmware from the ReadyNAS OS 6 Admin Page.

  • The error is observed in ReadyNAS OS 6.7.5 and earlier.
  • This issue is resolved in ReadyNAS OS 6.8.
  • The error can be ignored by clicking Cancel.
  • There is no adverse effect on the Admin Page.


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