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5 Things to do after connecting with your a new router

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5 Things to do after connecting with your a new router

Generally, users don’t replace their routers daily; it is done once in several months or even years. Moreover, there are many important settings that you need do, you might miss out on few of the set up steps. In this article, Netgear technical support team has listed down the 5 Things to do after connecting with your a new router.

It takes some time to open and configure the new router. But, a Wifi router if left incompletely or inappropriately configured and with poor security, can leave your network unsettled and unguarded towards malicious users. The below guide will help you safeguard your router from malicious risk and provide proper configuration and performance.

Please note, while we have mentioned complete procedure, every router is different and we’ve mentioned all general points. It is advised you kindly refer the manual or documentation of your specific router to find all the settings correctly and completely. Take a look below:


  • PASSWORD – A new router generally comes with a default login id (username) and password that can be used to manage the router. These default passwords aren’t even well kept secrets – one can easily find out the password of your router model with a simple Google search. In fact there are several websites where you can search for passwords just by entering the model and other basic information. Typically, the default passwords are as simple as ‘admin/admin123.’ So if you don’t want your security to be breached, Netgear support recommend changing the default login password immediately after you plug in your router the first time.
  • WiFi NETWORK NAMEThe WiFi network name can reveal a lot about your router. Therefore, change it to something different from default – without entering any details that can be easily identifiable. It can be something unusual but of course should be simple to remember.
  • WPS and UPnPBoth these services are designed to simplify your life, but at the same time there are several security breaches to it. Check your router’s settings carefully to disable both WPS and UPnP.
  • FIRMWAREWhile Firmware are created to be stable, there are two most important reasons to look for updates immediately after buying a new router. Primarily, your router may have been made long back, and in the meantime a new update may have been released. Secondly, there are vulnerabilities that crop up in router firmware, so it’s always good to have the latest (and most secure) firmware available.
  • REMOTE ACCESSHaving a remote access on your router opens up a huge chance of risk/vulnerability that attackers can take advantage of. Usually, manufacturers these days are taking default security seriously, so you might get the remote access option disabled by default.


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