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3 simple tips by Norton Customer Support to manually update Norton antivirus security definitions

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Antivirus is important in today’s technologically advanced arena. While today we use the internet to pay bills, do work, shop for essentials and even the smallest thing, it has become utmost important to protect your private and confidential data from theft.  For this reason, most users prefer Norton Antivirus because they are best in providing total protection from identity theft, malware and other negative effects.


Just installing Norton antivirus in your computer/laptop is not the only thing you need to do. One should also update the antivirus package. In this article, Norton customer support professionals at explain you how to manually update Norton Antivirus Security 2010 Definitions.


Manually Updating Norton Antivirus Security Definitions

Latest antivirus definitions are critical for total protection. The antivirus program makes use of definitions to detect viruses from your system. The updated your definition is the best protection it will give to your computer or laptop. Most of the antivirus application has an updating process, which updates the definition in the background.


If your computer has Norton Antivirus 2010 or Norton Internet Security 2010 installed, follow the below three steps by Norton Customer Support experts to manually download and install the virus definitions.


  • Step 1. Open your internet browser and navigate to .This will take you to the Symantec official download page.
  • Step 2. Choose your Norton product from the list and download the associated exe file. For simplicity, I recommend saving this file to your Windows Desktop.
  • Step 3. Double click the update file to install it. Follow the instructions as prompted, and your antivirus definitions will be updated to the latest and greatest.


*Note: In order to follow the below steps, your Norton antivirus pack must be active and not expired. If it is expired, the above steps won’t work.


If problem persists, users can contact Norton Customer Support team at on Norton customer support toll free number at 1-888-479-2017 for assistance.

While setting up Norton antivirus is easy, for most it is the toughest thing, because they are not technically sound. It is to help such users Norton customer support team of Icognix has drafted this article. Read on. Norton Antivirus Setup Process by Norton Customer Support

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